An animated short MFA Thesis Film 

By: Alana Corwin

Medium: Stop Motion & Experimental Animation


Short Film: 5-6 Minutes in length

MFA Visual Narrative Thesis at the School of Visual Arts

thesis showing on July 17th in Manhattan NYC



Persephone, is about the universal experience of grief and how we individually experience it.


Persephone, returns to pack up her mother’s empty old house after her mother's funeral. She, cannot imagine living in this home without her mother, but, the significance of the space, and the memories inside it, keep her from taking any action to leave. She instead is caught in a kind of limbo, and unsure of what to do.


"If I leave- Will the memory of her mother die with the house? If I stay- Will I ever be happy in this house without her? What is she to do?"

But whether Persephone is ready to leave or not, nature has its own plans for her mother’s decaying house, and it is not going to let Persephone stand in its way.

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More information on the MFA Visual Narrative Program, thesis process, and timeline

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